woodsball versus airball

Woodsball or Airball: Which is More Fun?

If you’re just getting into paintball for the first time then you need to decide whether you want to play woodsball or airball. Personally, I’ve found playing woodsball to be the more fun of the two, but then again every person is different when it comes to what they like to play.

In this article I’m going to explain some of the differences between woodsball and airball and why you may choose to play each style of game. For those that are new to paintball you may just want to go try out both game types and see which one you like best.

Most fields should allow you to play both woodball and airball, but you may want to check first as every field is different.



When paintball was first invented it was played in the woods as a game to see who had the most survival skills. Since then it has evolved into a fun and tactical game that attracts millions of people all over the world. While woodsball is obviously played in the woods, it also involves forts, bunkers and every other sort of man-made contraption that you could possibly imagine.

Woodsball is also commonly played for 16 hours or longer, which is known as a scenario paintball game. Scenario games can get pretty intense and in my opinion is the most fun that paintball has to offer. Get a group of your friends together and you can embark on missions and dress up as crazy characters while playing the sport of paintball. What’s more fun than that?!?



Airball is a much different style of paintball that involves playing around inflatable bunkers on a small sized field. When playing this type of paintball you will want to have a gun that can shoot at an extremely high rate of fire so you can keep up with other players on the field.

Airball is also a lot more competitive than woodsball because it only involve small teams of five people. The high rate of fire is also less ideal for a beginner who isn’t equipped with the right type of gun. Getting shot over and over can drain the fun out of paintball as well so make sure to only try airball when you feel absolutely ready.

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