how to make homemade paintball grenades

How to Make Your Own Paintball Grenades

Originally I was going to make this article about showcasing the best paintball grenades, but I decided that showing you a video of how to make your own paintball grenades would be a much better idea. If you play at a local field then chances are that you may not be able to use your own homemade paintball grenade, but if you play at your own field then you can use them all you want!

Making your own paintball grenade only costs around $1.50 a grenade, which is much better than $6 or $7 dollars at your local field. If you do decide to make your own paintball grenade though then make sure you use it within a few days of making them.

I’ve personally made the mistake of letting a box of grenades sit under my bed for a week and wow did they start stinking! I came home from school one day and could barely even walk in my room the smell was so bad. So don’t make the same mistake I did, use the grenades right away.

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