how to make a paintball ghillie suit

How to Make a Ghillie Suit for Paintball

Ready to become a paintball sniper and master the art of OSOK (one shot one kill)?

Great! Before you can become a true paintball sniper though you need to learn how to make a proper ghillie suit.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Why can’t I just buy a ghillie suit and be done with it?

While that’s definitely a viable option, I’ve found it to be a much better idea to make your own ghillie suit so you can savor the experience of becoming a real paintball sniper. Plus when you look back on it you’ll definitely be glad you made your own. I know I am.

Now originally I was going to teach you the whole process of how to make a ghillie suit myself, but I figured it would be best to show you a video of the process instead. This way you’ll be able to actually see what it requires to build a ghillie suit on your own.

This video from Ripperkon is one of the best ghillie suit tutorials I’ve found so far.

Don’t forget to watch a couple of other ghillie suit videos online as well so you can be certain that you’re doing the whole process correctly. Personally, I would recommend buying basic BDU’s instead of the kind used the video to avoid having pockets get in my way as I crawl.

In addition, I would also recommend to super glue heavy nylon fabric on the front of the ghillie suit to keep the BDU’s from wearing out and pockets from snagging up on nature. Dying your own burlap as well will be very beneficial if you want to match up the colors better to your environment.

However, I do like the idea of adding both mesh and burlap to a ghillie suit to diversify the look and texture. In my opinion it helps me greatly when hiding around leaves.

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