tippmann stryker mp2 elite review

Tippmann Stryker MP2 Elite Scenario Paintball Gun Review

While Tippmann is normally known for their highly reliable mechanical markers, they have been known to create an electro pneumatic marker or two as well. Over this past weekend we’ve been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to review the Tippmann Stryker MP2 Elite, the better of their two electronic markers.

I have to say that at first I thought Tippmann making an electronic marker was a mistake, but to be honest the Stryker is actually a really good paintball gun. Internally it reminds me a lot of the Smart Parts Ion, but since I actually liked the durability of the Ion I have to say I’m happy for the similarity. There’s no doubt that this spool valve marker was built to impress.

Well I hope you enjoy my review of the Tippmann Stryker MP2 Elite. I know I surely enjoyed reviewing it.


First Tippmann Marker with Eyes

The first thing I noticed about the Stryker is that it’s the first Tippmann marker to come with eyes. The bulb style eyes that the Stryker uses is the same kind that you’ll typically find on high-end tournament guns so I was definitely pleased with that.


Multiple Firing Modes

The great thing about using an electronic paintball gun is that you can change through different firing modes. In the case of the Tippmann Stryker you get a total of 4 firing modes to choose from: semi, burst, ramping and full auto.

To switch through the different firing modes you simply have to tap the power button until you get the setting you want. And if a ball ever breaks in the marker you can simply turn off the eyes so you can continue firing.

As far as how fast you can shoot you can expect a maximum of 10 bps with the Stryker.


Off-Set Electric Hopper

The Tippmann Stryker comes with the newly designed Empire Rip Clip loader that is closely based off the old Velocity loader technology. This spring activated loader works via noise activation and can easily handle the 10 bps from the Stryker.

And while this Rip Clip loader does require two 9V batteries to function, at least you won’t have to worry about the loader getting in the way of your line of sight like every other electronic loader on the market.


Long Range with Apex 2

By buying the MP2 Elite version of this marker you get the advantage of getting the Apex 2 barrel from Empire Paintball. This barrel can almost effectively double your range on the field, and the best part is that it can be done all with just a few clicks of a switch.

You can even curve your paintballs around obstacles in your path as well by simply rotating the end of the Apex barrel. If you ever get tired of using the Apex you can also turn it off completely by pulling the switch all the way back. I recommend buying a separate “apex ready” barrel to further increase your accuracy on the field.


Great for Accessories

Like every other Tippmann marker the Stryker also comes with top Picatinny rails that allow you to add accessories such as scopes, flash lights and cameras. You can also buy the AR1 version of the Stryker if you want to have even more Picatinny rails available.

Two other shrouds are also available for this marker as well, and you can even switch to using a folding stock if the collapsible stock isn’t quite your style.


Lightweight for a Milsim Marker

Unlike many of the other Tippmann paintball guns the Stryker is made from a durable composite plastic that is much lighter in weight. When playing in extremely long scenario matches this reduction in weight will prove to be highly useful.

Let’s just say the days of using obnoxiously heavy scenario markers are over.


Easy Maintenance

What I love most about the Tippmann Stryker MP2 Elite is that it’s so easy to take apart and reassemble. Simply unscrew two screws out of the marker and you can easily remove the stock and get to the bolt of the marker.

The Bolt is very similar to the bolt on the Ion but you do have to tighten or loosen the bolt with your hand to remove it.



After using the Tippmann Stryker MP2 Elite over this past weekend I have to say that I’m seriously considering buying this marker as a backup. If I had to improve this marker in any way I would give it a little higher rate of fire, but 10 bps really isn’t all that bad.

I will say that Tippmann could’ve made the top rail of the marker just a little higher to give you more clearance for your mask, but at least it comes with a little more clearance than your average marker with a collapsible or folding stock. If you do want to fix this issue though all you have to do is to buy a riser and a red dot.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of the Tippmann Stryker MP2 Elite and if you like this marker then I’m sure you’ll love the Dye Assault Matrix.

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