best woodsball gun - empire dfender

The Best Woodsball Gun Ever Made – Empire DFender

In woodsball you don’t want to be stuck using the same kind of paintball gun that speedballers use as they won’t give you the ergonomics and aiming capability that woodsball markers do. This doesn’t mean that speedball markers are terrible for woodsball, but they’re definitely not the optimal paintball gun of choice.

If you really want to get the best woodsball gun though then you can’t go wrong with the DFender from Empire Paintball. So let’s get straight to the reviewing the cool features of this amazing paintball gun so you can decide if this is the right woodsball marker for you.


No Loader on Top

empire dfender

What’s so cool about the Empire DFender has a special design that allows you to effectively hold the paintballs in the stock of the gun. This feature alone is what really makes this paintball gun so great for woodsball as it allows you to aim over the top of your marker without anything getting in the way.

Besides giving you more room to aim, the bullpup style design of this marker makes it harder for your enemies to hit you as it lowers the overall profile of your paintball gun. While this might not be the only paintball gun in the world that doesn’t have a hopper overhead, it is the only paintball gun that rocks the bullpup style design.


Great Fire Power

Another great reason to buy the Empire DFender is because at the heart of this marker lies a speedball gun in a woodsball marker body. To make the DFender even more tactical Empire made sure to include a selector switch that you can switch to a total of five different firing modes. There’s semi, burst, ramping, full auto and select fire.

But wait, that’s not all!

This woodsball marker even comes with a maximum firing rate of 20 BPS. And if that’s not enough firepower for you then you may need to find a new sport entirely.


Highly Customizable

One of the number one reasons to buy a paintball gun that’s actually built for woodsball is because of the customizability that they have. And not only does the Empire DFender have removable top Picatinny rails, but also removable side Picatinny rails as well. The Picatinny rails are pretty amazing because they allow you to add accessories such as scopes and flashlights to your gun.

Empire also made sure to include a ported, aluminum barrel with three Super Freak inserts (.680, .685, .690) so you can always have the best accuracy on the field. An additional Super Freak Apex 2 barrel comes with the marker as well to really give you an advantage over your opponents on the field.

For those that aren’t aware the Apex 2 barrel essentially doubles your range on the paintball field, although I will admit it’s not quite so effective at max range due to the low velocity of the paintball.


Lightweight Design

The last feature I want to mention about the Empire DFender that adds to this being one of the top paintball guns for woodsball is the light weight magnesium shell. Since most paintball guns are either made out of aluminum or composite plastic the magnesium is a really nice touch to the DFender.

So why is the Empire DFender one of the only paintball guns that’s made out of magnesium?

To be honest, it’s because magnesium is a fairly expensive material that most companies simply don’t find necessary. Luckily for us though Empire didn’t take any shortcuts when creating this amazing woodsball marker.

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