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Dye Assault Matrix: Best Paintball Gun for Woodsball

Dye is taking woodsball markers to the whole next level with the Dye Assault Matrix, otherwise known as the DAM. I feel the DAM nickname is a pretty good one for this marker, considering that’s exactly what I said the first time I seen it.

The Dam doesn’t only look good though, but actually performs like many of the other high-end electronic marker on the market. However, the dye assault matrix isn’t just any regular electronic marker, but instead an electronic marker in a woodsball frame.

And while the DAM may be fairly expensive, it’s worth every bit of the high price tag and more. After using this marker for just over a month I have already seen an incredible increase in eliminations and I owe it all to this gun. Or should I say I owe it all to First Strike and this gun?

Yes, you heard me right. The DAM is the first paintball gun ever made that allows you to switch between regular paintballs and First Strike rounds on a moment’s notice. This one feature alone makes this the best woodsball marker ever made. But wait, there’s more!

Continue reading the rest of this review of the Dye Assault Matrix to find out what else this marker has to offer.


Shoots Regular and First Strike Paintballs

What’s so impressive about this paintball gun is that it can feed paintballs from both the hopper and the magazine. The magazine is mainly used for First Strike rounds, but you can also store regular paintballs in there as well (just not together in the same clip).

You can also switch between the hopper and the magazine in a split second by pushing a lever back and forth on the side of the marker. This allows you to enter sniper mode and shoot extremely far distances with the First Strike ammo, and then switch back to the loader when you need to seriously lay some suppressive fire.


Multiple Firing Modes

With the push of a button on the side of the marker you can seamlessly change firing modes to semi, three round burst and fully automatic. When using other electronic markers there is usually a much more complicated process just to change from one mode to the next.

You can also set the DAM to other crazy firing modes as well, and the best part is that you can actually set these firing modes up while on the field. Plus, this marker can offer up to 25+ BPS which is highly impressive.


Accessory Friendly

The Dye Assault Matrix comes with a tactical shroud that is absolutely covered in picatinny rails. These rails allow you to add any possible upgrade you can imagine. Everything from laser and flashlights to scopes and red dots, the picatinny rails have you covered.

My favorite use of the picatinny rails though is to install a camera such as a GoPro. This will allow you to record videos while playing on the field which is super cool in my opinion. If I had the ability to do this years ago I would have so many rad videos by now.


Great Milsim Look

What really draws most players to this marker is the Milsim look that you can’t find on any other electronic marker. The old Longbow addon from Special Ops used to be able to transform the Smart Parts Ion into a woodsball marker, but then again it was only an Ion.

I imagine the Dye Assault Matrix would probably cost around $1000 even if it didn’t have all the woodsball addons such as the frame and the ability to switch to first strike rounds with the use of a magazine.


Plenty of Useful Features

While we’ve already dove in to some of the useful features the DAM has to offer, there are still many more as well. This marker comes with a gas-through frame, quick release bolt with hyper regulator, rigid trigger, tactical sticky grips and of course a clamping feedneck to hold the loader down.

If you get tired of using a small magazine you can also upgrade to a bigger one, or if you really want to hold more rounds you can upgrade to the Box Rotor and hold up to 325 paintball. And while this loader may be fairly expensive, it does give you a free line of view over the top of your marker. This feature alone will surely help you rack up some eliminations since there will be no annoying hopper in the way.



In my honest opinion there is no better paintball gun for woodsball than the Dye Assault Matrix. The DAM is just an all-around badass marker that was sent down to us mere mortals from the paintball heaven.

It can do everything from allowing you to shoot at a much further range, to laying down paint at a faster rate of fire than most people could possibly imagine. However, this paintball gun does come with a bit of a high price tag, so you really need to be devoted to the sport of paintball to buy this marker. If you got the money though then by all means buy this marker already!

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