review of the tippmann valor fx mask

My Experience Using the Tippmann Valor FX Mask

Stop using that old rental mask that has the sweat of a 100 different people trapped in the foam, and instead go check out the Valor FX paintball mask from Tippmann. This paintball mask was designed for the beginner player in mind, being both highly affordable and well-made.

While this may not be the only mask you can buy in this price range, it is one of the better paintball masks for the true beginner player. This is because this mask has lots of breathability, great protection and even looks cool as well.

Most other beginner paintball masks usually have one or two of these features, but never all three. Luckily with that Tippmann Valor FX mask you won’t have to compromise. Continue reading the rest of this review to see what this paintball mask has to offer.


Great Breathability

The fact that the Tippmann Valor has plenty of ventilation undoubtedly makes this mask one of the better paintball masks you can buy as a beginner. And if you’ve never play paintball before, let me let you in on a little secret. It’s exhausting!

The first time I ever went to play at an actual field I was forced to run up this giant hill the very beginning of the match while some guy yelled GO GO GO! While the people running the scenario probably thought that was a cool idea, they probably didn’t realize that people using a paintball mask with very little ventilation would be nearly dead by the time they got to the top of the hill.

The very next day after that game I went online and ordered a mask with plenty of ventilation and never looked back. I would recommend you do the same.


Great Protection for Your Face

The next most important feature a beginner needs to worry about when buying a paintball mask is the amount protection that the mask provides. Many brands on the market are starting to reduce the overall profile of a mask in order to give you the slightest competitive advantage, but this leaves the problem of the mask being too small for your face and giving you very little protection.

This is why Tippmann made sure the Valor paintball mask wasn’t overly small so it could provide plenty of protection for your face. The round shape of the mask is also good because it gives you more than enough protection for your jaw, chin and ears.

The foam is also extremely comfortable as well and even has an open slot by the ear to allow you to wear glasses. The lack of foam around your ear though is pretty unfortunate.


Cool Design

While you can save a few bucks and get the regular Tippmann Valor mask, I found that Valor FX to be worth the extra price. Both the carbon fiber and a skull design will definitely get you noticed when you play, which makes it worth all the while.

Most other masks you’ll find on the market either come in a plain color or maybe a camouflage design if you’re lucky.



Overall, I found the Tippmann Valor FX to be one of the best paintball masks you can buy as a beginner. While there may be a few other masks in a similar price range that can contest the Valor FX, none will give you all three features (breathability, protection, cool design) like the Tippman Valor FX.

Before buying this mask though I recommend you go to your local pro shop and try it on for yourself. While this mask is usually great for head shapes of all sizes, you may just be one of the very few who don’t like the fit of this mask.

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